A role belongs to a discord.Guild and can be assigned to groups of discord.GuildMembers to change the color of their name and apply permission changes.

Multiple roles can be assigned to a single user.

Roles can be hoisted in the member list (displayed separately), and ordered.


  • Role <-- You are here!




Readonly color

color: number

The color for this role. It is a hexadecimal color code represented in integer format.

The default color for roles (no color) is 0.

Readonly guildId

guildId: Snowflake

The id of the discord.Guild this role belongs to.

Readonly hoist

hoist: boolean

true if this role is hoisted in the member list (displayed separately).

Members are grouped into their highest positioned role in the member list if a role is hoisted.

Readonly id

The role's unique Discord id. This field never changes.

Readonly managed

managed: boolean

true if this role was created by an integration or bot application.

Managed roles have restrictions around what can be edited, depending on the application.

Readonly mentionable

mentionable: boolean

true if this role can be mentioned in messages by members of the guild.

When a role is mentioned, they receive a ping/notification if they have notifications enabled for mentions on the guild.

Readonly name

name: string

The display name for the role.

Readonly permissions

permissions: number

The permission bit set assigned to this role. Members receive permissions in the order roles are positioned.

Readonly position

position: number

The position of this role.

Hoisted roles are displayed in this order.

Role permissions are applied to members in the order of the permission set on roles.



  • delete(): Promise<void>
  • Deletes the role and removes it from all the members who had it assigned.

    If an error occurs, a discord.ApiError is thrown.

    Returns Promise<void>


  • edit(options: IRoleOptions): Promise<Role>
  • Updates the guild role.

    All properties of the options parameter are optional, but you must send at least one modification.

    If an error occurs, a discord.ApiError is thrown.


    Returns Promise<Role>


  • toMention(): string
  • Returns a mention string in the format of <@!id> where id is the id of this user.

    Can be used in a message to mention/ping the role.

    Returns string


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